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Yumi Zouma

I first heard Yumi Zouma several years ago as I was checking out some new artists and fell in love with their song, Powder Blue. Since their release in 2015 of their EP, Cascine Park this band has been gaining traction and their fans love them. Yumi Zouma consists of singer/keyboardist, Christie Simpson, guitarist/bassist, Josh Burgess, guitarist/bassist/keyboards, Charlie Ryder, and drummer, Oliva Campion.

This alternative pop band from Christchurch in the city of Canterbury started playing around their city but it wasn't until several members moved abroad that the writing began. Oddly enough they would email each other and collaborate on songs. They then caught the attention of Brooklyn, NY-based Indie record label, Cascine who ended up signing them. They have released 2 EPs and in 2016 released their first full-length album, Yoncalla. Check out the album with its synth-pop sounds. There have been subsequent personnel changes over the years but the members now have been together since 2018. Since 2016 the band has released three more albums which have garnered critical acclaim. In 2020 there were changes to their record label and signed with Polyvinyl and Inertia Records to release the album, Truth or Consequences. Check out the song, Sage from that album, cool stuff. Last month they released their album, Present Tense which found the band all over the globe with each member recording their parts remotely in a different city. Check out the single, Southwark which is full of romantic angst. I look forward to their tour and remember support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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