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At first glance, you may say what is going on in this picture? The members of the band Goat don't want to be recognized. The band originates from Korpilombolo, Sweden and their music is an experimental fusion of alternative music. and psychedelia. The band members are not ever divulged which adds to the mystery of this band.

Thomas May is the only one in the group to do interviews concerning the band. The members of the band always wear masks and costumes and are veiled in secrecy. Supposedly they come from a commune in Sweden where their individuality and freedom of expression come from. Their music is a mix of funk fusion with elements of psychedelia and Afrobeat. The combo is at times

trippy and funky. The philosophy as described by one of their members is "A view of the world, a view of music, of cultures, that everything belongs to everyone." Their writing style is not your typical way of writing or recording songs since they just get together and jam. They made their debut in 2012 with the album World Music and were signed to the indie record label Rocket Records from the U.K. They have since released two more albums and have played many music festivals such as Coachella. They even opened up for the rock band Foo Fighters on their 2018 tour. They may be mysterious but their music is otherworldy and that's what counts. Check out their latest album Oh Death and keep your ears open to this super-talented enigmatic band. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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