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The Dirty Doves

On our last 2ferTuesday for 2022 I couldn't help but feature this cool rock duo, The Dirty Doves. The duo from Syracuse, New York have only been together for the past 3 years. They got together during the pandemic and started writing and recording. The duo consists of guitarists Jamie Cunningham and Anthony Saturno, they met about 5 years ago at a coffee shop and they have been making music ever since.

Both guitarists have very different playing styles and writing styles but together it's sonically great. Anthony Saturno says he has played with many different bands and in different music genres. They are both lovers of music and it doesn't matter the genre. They came up with their band name from a description from the urban dictionary which describes Dirty Dove as "cute and cuddly as a dove, but down and dirty like a city pigeon."That's a perfect description of this band's music. They released their debut album Pure & Simple last year and it got rave reviews. These two guitarists blend so perfectly both in guitar sounds and singing that it's magical. They just released a new single, Lucky Penny, and their new album Bumblebee Brandywine was released on December 9, the duo is performing around the Syracuse area during the rest of the month. Check out this talented duo and support independent music and musicians. From all of us here at playMYmusic.FM/The wishes you a happy holiday and a healthy, happy, and musically inspiring 2023. We look forward to bringing you more great artists to check out. Happy listening!

Lucky Penny



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