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The Veils

New Zealand's rock band, The Veils caught my attention with their latest single, No Limit of Stars. The band consists of lead singer Finn Andrews, Sophia Burn on bass, Henning Dietz on drums, Dan Raisbrook on lap steel, guitar, and Uberto Rapisardi on keyboards. This alternative rock band at times reminds me of the goth bands of the 80s in certain songs and especially their lyrics.

The band was started by lead singer-songwriter Finn Andrews when he was 16 years old. He had sent several demos to record labels and he was sought after by the industry. He had been playing in bands for a few years and put The Veils together with some great musicians. They made their debut in 2004 with the album The Runaway Found and released several singles. Since then the band has released four more albums with the last one being Total Depravity in 2016. The band was asked who inspires them musically and in songwriting, and it was unanimous Jack White.

I concur and while it's been 7 years since the band released music I'm so excited that their new album And Out the Void Came Love will be released in March of 2023. The recording will be a double album full of new music that lead singer Finn Andrews wrote during his time convalescing

from a stage accident and of course during the lockdown of the pandemic. This band has been

praised by such film directors as Tim Burton and David Lynch. Check them out and when they come to your city or town be sure to see them live. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

No Limit of Stars



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