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playMYmusic.FM's Founder Rosie G. and Indispensable Music Founder / Editor Kristine England first met in the days of yore while working at Blue Note Records. Their mutual passion for music that spans decades, genres, and locales fuels this partnership. Both are committed to promoting new artists and celebrating creativity that's often overlooked.  

Rosie's experience as an on-air radio personality inspired her to create playMYmusic.FM, and Kristine jumped in to create both the site and content for playMYmusic.FM's online presence, before handing the reins to Rosie. After the launch of Indispensable Music, the two decided to partner again on New Music Mondays, a weekly presentation of a new indie release they can both agree upon (Sure, they've been friends forever, and their tastes overlap more often than not, but disparities can and do happen.).  Kristine continues as the contributing writer for New Music Monday and manages  

Want to partner with us? Drop us a line at Editor IM or RosieG.  Spammers and scammers will be dealt with in an uncivilized manner.