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While checking out indie dance artists I came across this interesting mysterious artist. He goes by the name Vegyn, real name Joe Thornally from London, England. Music is in his blood because his father is a songwriter and musician. He is also a graphic artist and he has to thank his mom for that. While studying in college he started djing and has been on a roll since producing his first album, All Bad Things Have Ended- Your Lunch Included in 2014. He became interested in electronic music after he was denied entry to an art school. Things happen for a reason and it steered him to the right place.

Vegyn says he got into electronic music as a rebellion against music his parents found acceptable. He says his dad doesn't understand it and it makes no sense to him. He incorporates artistic visuals with all the videos for his songs. Other than electronica he also mixes hip-hop elements on many songs. After college he started his own record label, PLZ Make It Ruins which is

an electronica label. His career changed when he met R&B/hip-hop singer-songwriter Frank Ocean at a club. He collaborated on his Blonde and Endless albums and has contributed to albums by Travis Scott and JPEGMAFIA. If you listen to his tracks there are several elements going on. Sometimes you may hear some classical sounding keyboards or sounds that are computer-driven like a computer game. This is most prevalent on tracks like Fake Life and the aptly titled B4 The Computer Crash. Last year he released ODCD Alt Versions and this past March released his latest album Like A Good Old Friend. He is always pushing the boundaries in both dance and electronica. Check out this eclectic and always fun Dj/producer/graphic artist. Happy listening!

Like A Good Old Friend



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