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MacKenzie Scott, better known as Torres is making the kind of music that can stand the test of time. This Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter/guitarist by way of Orlando, Florida is finding her way through life's ups and downs. She was brought up in a Christian home where the atmosphere was conservative.

After seeing the Phantom of the Opera she fell in love with musical theater which is prevalent in her live shows today. She started playing at small places around town and learned to play the guitar. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Belmont University and majored in songwriting with a minor in English. It was while in school that she recorded her self-titled debut album, Torres. The album received critical acclaim and it's been an awesome journey so far especially for her fans. Her music at certain times reminds me of some of Kate Bush's songs, in particular, the drum sounds being used especially on her song, Three Futures. Her lyrical content is both well-spoken and clever and she is known to have a silver tongue. She has recorded over five albums with her most recent release this past July titled, Thirstier. Check out this super talented singer-songwriter who will start her tour for the new album on August 27th with a live stream concert. We can't wait for her new tour and a chance to see her live, check out her website for tour dates in your city. Support independent music locally, nationally, and worldwide. Happy listening!




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