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Tobe Nwigwe

Nothing excites me more than discovering new and upcoming indie artists and this one has me very excited. His name is Tobe Nwigwe from Houston, Texas and for the past five years has been making quite a stir on the internet. He is a first-generation American and both his parents are from Nigeria. His first full name is Tobechukwu which in the language of Igbo means, "praise God." So you can say Tobe was already blessed for success from the beginning. He started making music videos and posting them on YouTube which has caught the attention of such artists as Erykah Badu, Madonna as well as LeBron James and former first lady, Michelle Obama.

He is a rapper and singer whose videos and music are inspirational and talk about how we need to all come together and unite as the human race. His weekly videos have gone viral and with that notoriety, which Tobe Nwigwe never expected. This past July he released the songs "I Need You To" and "Try Jesus" both of which have earned him his first two placements on the Billboard sales chart. Tobe Nwigwe operates completely independently with no label, management or publicity management, or booking. It is a family business with Tobe, his wife, and best friend and producer, LaNell Grant running things together as a unit. His latest release, A Million has been making the rounds on YouTube. He released his debut album this year titled, The Pandemic Experience, and in February of 2021 will release his new album, Cincoriginals. Check out this very talented singer/rapper. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

A Million



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