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The Pale White

There is a distinct buzz surrounding Newcastle, UK’s The Pale White. The trio (with brothers Adam and Jack Hope (vocals & guitar and drums, respectively) and their friend Tom Booth on bass) has become critical darlings of the UK music press after releasing only a handful of singles and two EPs.

After issuing singles, “That Dress” and “Second Place” in 2016, the group released an eponymous EPin 2017. Reviewing the track “Downer,” NME raved, ”The Pale White are jam-packed with potential. In the space of a year, the Newcastle three-piece have established themselves as one of UK rock’s most enthralling newcomers.”

Since then, the group has released another EP, Take Me to the Strange (2018) and more singles. The latest is: Swim for Your Life,” issued earlier this month.




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