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The Dirty Nil

This Canadian band plays some good old-fashioned rock and roll. They have been making the rounds for a few years now and have quite a following. The band consisting of singer/guitarist, Luke Bentham, bassist Ross Miller and drummer, Kyle Fisher from Hamilton, Ontario is making the kind of alternative rock you can wrap your head around.

They got together in 2006 and all met while in high school. The band started playing around town and gaining fans for their in-your-face type of rock and honest lyrics about everyday growing pains. Many label them a post-punk band, others an alternative rock band but they only see themselves as just a rock band. They made their debut in 2011 with the single, "Fuckin' Up Young" and started touring the music festival and club circuit. After releasing several singles the band released their debut album Higher Power in 2016. Their musicianship is bar-none and those video clips are exciting to watch. The band members have been living together for the past five years and that can account for how in tune with each other they are musically. This band is best seen live because the energy is intoxicating. Check out their song, Wrestle Yü To Hüsker Dü with its fuzzy guitars and raw vocals. The band just released their latest album, Fuck Art this past January and are now on tour for the album. Check out singles, Blunt Force Concussion, and Damage Control. Support this great rock and roll band and remember to support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Damage Control



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