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The Blue Stones

Canadian blues-rock duo The Blue Stones caught my attention with their latest single Healing. I fell in love with this song and its lyrics. Upon closer inspection, the group is catching the attention of many. Their following is growing and I'm not surprised because the music has some teeth to it.

Love the vocals and percussion on the music.

The duo consists of Tarek Jafar on vocals, guitar, bass, and keys and Justin Tessier on percussion and backing vocals. The duo has been playing together for many years and the question on everyone's mind is you get all that sound from just two guys playing? They definitely pride themselves on the wall of sound they create and I wonder did they learn that from legendary producer, Phil Spector. In answer to my question actually, they drew influence from such bands as

the Black Keys, Acid Jazz music, and hip-hop legend Jay Z. The duo made their sonic debut in 2018 with the album Black Holes. The album caught fire with the audience and they took off so that in 2020 they were nominated for a Juno Award. They were nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year. They released their sophomore LP Hidden Gems in 2021 and just released their latest Pretty Monster. They are set to tour for the album so get your tickets when they come to your town. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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