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The Blue Stones

High school chums Tarek Jafar (Lead Vocals, Guitar) and Justin Tessier (Drums, Backing Vocals) formed the Blue Stones in Windsor, Canada in 2008. The pair has been releasing music for several years, with an eponymous EP issued in 2011, the EP How’s That Sound (2012), and a full-length album, Black Holes, in 2018. Upon the latter’s release, Atwood Magazine raved, “The Blue Stones make good ole dirty rock n’ roll, and they do it well.” Canadian Beats noted, “ The Blue Stones have appeared to give us the best alternative music that we didn’t know we wanted.”

Since then, the duo has been touring extensively and honing its sound and teaming up with producer Paul Meany (Twenty One Pilots, Mutemath). The group recently released the single, “Shakin Off The Rust.”

Shakin Off The Rust



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