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When I first saw a picture this singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, I thought Jackie Brown or Cleopatra Jones but her voice is smooth and earthly. Tanerelle Stevens from California has been making music for quite some time. Her passion for music began at the age of 8 when she knew she wanted to be a musician and started writing songs in her city of birth, Atlanta, Georgia. At 18 she decided to move to Los Angeles, California to pursue her dreams. Obviously, this was a great move since Tanerelle has released several singles and is causing a stir in the music industry.

Standing at 6 feet tall she is also a model and also has a Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in acting. You could say she is a triple threat. She made her music debut in 2015 with her single, Siren and since then has released several singles such as "In Women We Trust" which gained her the spotlight. Tanerelle is a completely independent artist and she likes it that way. Her music has been labeled R&B but she doesn't like labels because who wants to be boxed in. Her music has a futuristic theme to it and last year she released the single, "Nothing Without You" which was played on the HBO show, Insecure's third season. In December of last year she was also named Playboy's Playmate for that month making her the 40th African American Playmate. Tanerelle is just scratching the surface with all her earthly talents. Keep your eyes on her as we wait for her debut album or next EP. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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