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Spacey Jane

Australian band, Spacey Jane caught my attention with their latest song, It's Been a Long Day. The lyrics of the song and the longing in the lead singer's voice made me take notice. The band members are lead singer, and guitarist, Caleb Harper, Kieran Lama drummer and manages the band, Ashton Hardman-LeCornu guitarist, and Peppa Lane on bass.

Two of the band members met while in high school and the rest at a French class and through friends. The band formed in 2016 and since their first show in Caleb's backyard, they have been on a steady climb in gaining followers. The band chose their name from a night out with a good friend whose name happen to be Jane. In 2017 they recorded their debut single, Still Running, a song that is still my favorite with its opening guitar riff. They followed it the following year with the release of 2 EPs, In The Meantime, and In The Slight. Both had singles that charted and the band released both on their own record label. Spacey Jane put the work in and has done it by being mostly independent. They are continuously writing new music and recording which keeps them busy. In 2020 they released their album, Sunlight and I love the single, Lots of Nothing, the accompanying video was filmed at Wadjuk Noongar Island which is Aboriginal land. They have been touring for years and are now on tour for their forthcoming album, Here Comes Everybody which will be out this coming June. Check out this great rock band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

It's Been a Long Day


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