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Somebody's Child

The music scene in Dublin, Ireland has been cranking out some amazing rock and folk-rock artists and bands in the past couple of years. Somebody's Child is one of those bands and their music is infectious. The lead singer of the band and founder, Cian Goddo started his career at age 5 in Paris, France when he took up the piano. When the family returned to Ireland he became interested in writing songs because he wanted to tell his own stories. Cian Goddo says his parents were not musicians or that there was much music being played at home. But he remembers the radio playing in his parent's car on long drives through the French countryside.

Since then Cian Goddo has been making quite a lot of noise on the Irish music scene. He has accumulated millions of streams on his Spotify page and support from BBC 1 and several other radio stations across the U.K. The band released their debut EP this year, 20 Something, and their new single, Top Drawer Romance was just released, Cian Goddo says he wrote the song about the messy relationships one goes through and what the top drawer of his desk at college looked like. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and his band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Top Drawer Romance



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