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Silversun Pickups

The alternative rock band, Silversun Pickups has an interesting sound. They caught my attention with their single, Alone On A Hill. The band from Los Angles, California consists of lead singer/guitarist Brian Aubert, bassist and backing vocals Nikki Morringer, keyboardist Joe Lester and drummer Christopher Guanlao.

During the 2000s the band was playing the club circuit all around California gaining followers.

They continue to remain independent which many bands are choosing to do. Some indie artists that are signed to major labels choose to go back to being indie when their contracts are fulfilled. Silversun Pickups took their cool name from a liquor store across from Silversun Lounge although the band says "it's a state of mind". They made their debut in 2006 with their album, Carnavas and two of their singles made the top 10 on Billboard's Modern Rock charts. In 2007 the band played at the Coachella Music Festival and went on tour. Since then the band has released over 5 albums and has gained a big following that their shows sell out. They are about to release their latest album, Physical Thrills on August 19th. They had Garbage drummer and co-producer, Butch Vig producing their last two albums. If you are a Foo Fighters fan then you know Butch Vig as their producer on several albums and produced Nirvana's Nevermind album. The band is on tour and will be playing here in NYC at Webster Hall on November 8th. Check out this talented band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Alone On A Hill



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