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Simian Mobile Disco

Simian Mobile Disco
Simian Mobile Disco

Simian was a four-piece English group formed in Manchester which included Simon William Lord on vocals, lead guitar, keyboardist Jas Shaw on keyboards, Alex MacNaghten on bass and drummer James Ford. Shaw and James Ford splintered in 2003 off to create a DJ duo the called Simian Mobile Disco. When the original group disbanded, the duo remained, releasing recordings of its own and numerous remixes of work by Air, Muse, and others. Ford has also produced records for Depeche Mode, Florence and the Machine, the Arctic Monkeys, and more.

An electronic band that conversely uses analog synths to create its recordings, SMD released its debut, Attack Decay Sustain Release, in 2007. Five more studio releases were to follow, including 2018’s Murmurations, two live recordings, and a compilation entitled Delicacies, chronicling SMD’s first decade.

Murmurations also features all-female singing group, Deep Throat Choir, the first SMD recording with vocals in years. Pitchfork lauds the album as “ a career high because it sees them and Deep Throat Choir successfully fusing the halves of Simian Mobile Disco’s sound into one powerful whole.”

The duo’s future is uncertain with Shaw's diagnosis of AL amyloidosis, a rare disease with no known cure but with effective treatments to manage its symptoms. We at playMYmusic.FM hope for the best.

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