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Nothing gets me amped up more than hearing the music of a new up-and-coming singer-songwriter. I was completely entranced with this Neo-Soul singer, Shunaji, and her debut EP, Cosmic Blues. She was born and raised in Rome, Italy and later she moved to London, U.K. Shunaji is very knowledgeable in many subjects and this polymath can go into detail about ancient history. Before moving to England she wasn't really making music but something about London and the music that was all around her had her writing and creating. She was soaking up all the sounds from hip-hop, drum and bass, afro-beats, and more.

In listening to her debut EP you hear jazz, soul, R&B all interwoven into cosmic sounds with some abstract avant-garde thrown in. Lately, Shunaji says she's been checking out emo, darkwave, and post-punk music. She believes you should create whatever your heart desires. She is active in her community and in talking with students to hear how they feel about the world today. She incorporates her experiences into her music. She has released three self-released EPs on her label, Solo Recordings. Remaining independent is liberating and we expect more great music from this talented cosmic singer/rapper/producer and visual artist. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Cosmic Blues



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