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She has a mysterious look and an interesting name, SVEDALIZA who is an Iranian Dutch singer-songwriter, and record producer who was born in Tehran, Iran. Her parents moved to the Netherlands when she was a child at age 5. When she was 16 she left home on a basketball scholarship and played with the Dutch national basketball team. So how did music enter her life after being an athlete? Well, she released her first single in 2014 and has been writing and recording ever since. Most of her music is sung in English but she did release a single, Bebin which was sung in Persian. Her music incorporates electronica, alternative R&B, avant-pop, and trip-hop. She has been compared to Bjork, FKA Twigs, and Portishead. She says that when she is compared to these artists she laughs because that is not music she has listened to. She admits to never having had a singing lesson but can use the semitones and microtones in her voice especially when she sings in Persian. SVEDALIZA says her music is inspired by women's issues, motherhood, and identity. On August 28th she released her latest album, Shabrang. Check out this mysterious and alluring singer-songwriter and record producer. Support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!





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