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Music and the artists that compose and produce it are constantly evolving. Nowadays many artists are mixing the genres into new and exciting sounds. This indie artist, Serpentwithfeet( real name, Josiah Wise) has been causing quite a stir not just for his music but also for the fact that he has a pentagram tattooed on his forehead. In listening to this artist I can hear that there is a gospel music influence and I was right. He was raised in the church and gospel was the first music he ever heard. His parents were clergy and since the age of 5, he started dancing in the aisles during church service. It's this experience that made him take notice and follow his musical path.

At age 14 he started studying classical music and in the '90s was listening to Brandy, Destiny's Child as well as Nina Simone. His musical inspirations were Carl Thomas, Bilal, and Musiq Soulchild, all these musical influences you could say he put in a pot and stirred it making a new sound of R&B. Serpentwithfeet's music is R&B with a twist, making it both alternative and avant-garde. His vocals are both soothing and soaring into a crescendo. Singer-songwriter, Bjork is a fan as well as hip-hop artist, Ty Dolla $ign who is a frequent collaborator. He made his debut in 2016 with the EP, Blisters which was produced by Bjork's production team, The Haxan Cloak and in 2018 released his first studio album, Soil. He is a long way from Baltimore and after living here in New York City is now busy creating in the City of Angels, Los Angeles, California. He released his latest album, Deacon, and has English singers, Nao on the beautiful song, "Heart Storm" and Sampha on 3 tracks. Check out this otherworldly singer-songwriter/producer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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