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Samm Henshaw

Samm Henshaw has been creating such a buzz on the indie music scene that I had to check it out. I was floored by his vocal ability and the smoothness and pitch reminding me of the R&B/Soul singers of yesteryear. Inabasi Samuel Henshaw professionally known as Samm Henshaw has been making the rounds on the London music scene. His parents who originate from Nigeria are not musicians but music was always played at home. Later he decided music was his calling and at church, he learned to play instruments and sing in the church choir.

This artist has caught the attention of such artists and producers as Pharrell, Chance the Rapper, Rag n Bone, and more. They have asked him to open for their shows. His soul music has an old-school feel to it along with gospel influences that make it cool again. He says his favorite album is The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin, gospel is very strong in him especially since his father is the Pastor of his church. Samm Henshaw loves performing live more than in a studio. He feels in a studio you are limited in what you can do but live the sky is the limit. He made his debut in 2015 with the EP, The Sound Experiment and I have to say the single Autonomy is quite moving, the lyrics are powerful. A year later he followed it up with The Sound Experiment II which caught the attention of the industry. Samm says he fell in love with mainstream pop music and with such artists as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Usher. But says his vocal influences are Lauryn Hill, Frank Ocean, and D'Angelo. This past January he released his new album, Untidy Soul and it's fire! Listen to the songs Joy and Grow they will make you smile. Listening to his music will definitely make you smile and feel joy and that's what the world needs now..... some joy. We can't wait for Samm Henshaw to hit the states for shows. When he comes to your city be sure to check him out and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

East Detroit



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