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Saint Hill

My hometown of Brooklyn, NY has produced many famous singers, bands, and more. This Brooklyn-born and bred rapper, Carlos St. John Phillips, better known as Saint Hill has been making his mark on the hip-hop scene. He says he was heavily influenced by Jay-Z and Notorious Big and the golden age of hip-hop. His clever wordplay and incredible breath control

have him being compared to rapper Big L.

Saint Hill started making music from age 12. He was writing and freestyling at that young age and unlike other artists that record songs and put out music, he started as a songwriter. He was spotted by an executive in the industry who had him assist singer-songwriter, Rhianna with her songs. He also wrote songs for Usher but decided in 2016 to start writing for himself. He wrote the song Roses and released it in 2019 hitting the Billboard Top 100. Since then he has been recognized by Jay-Z and his wife Beyonce for his talent in writing and producing. He collaborated on Beyonce's song Brown Skin Girl which peaked at 40 on the Billboard chart. Many have been trying to put Saint Hill into a certain style musically but that has proved to be difficult since he is so versatile. He just released his debut album, The Essence last year and since then has been busy writing more music during this pandemic. Check out this talented rapper, songwriter, producer and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Last Breath



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