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Roseaux is a collective of Paris musicians and DJs. Begun by Emile Omar in 2012 with Alex Finkin and Clement Petit, the first project released was the eponymous full-length album, featuring Aloe Blacc.

Since then, they have continued to release singles over the years with different guest vocalists, including, Blick Bassy Ben L’oncle Soul Anna Majidson, and others.

Omar Emile is a DJ, former program director for Radio Nova in Paris and founder of Fanon Records. Alex Finkin is a musical director for stage productions such as Hair and producer for major labels. He also has a band called the Fine Keys. Clement Petit is a composer and producer as well.

Partnering with French director Allie Avita, the group created a highly cinematic accompaniment to the haunting tune, I Am Going Home. The group’s next full-length album is due out this fall.

I Am Going Home



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