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Reality Suite

Rock band, Reality Suite from North Haledon, New Jersey has been making the rounds and has piqued the attention of several on the rock/metal scene. The band formed in 2009 with good friends, Antonio Valenti (bass,) Joe Padula (guitar,) and Brian King(drums). They had been auditioning both male and female singers and were having a hard time finding the right front person and they found it in singer, Kimmi Heart who joined the band in 2013.

Since then they made their debut in 2015 with the album, Skinn. An album that received critical acclaim from Rolling Stones writer, Jim Testa, and others. The band's mix of rock, pop, teasing metal riffs, and dance music have fans around the world asking them when will they come to play in their city or country. They released their next single, Bury Me Alive in 2016 and were approached by Grammy-nominated producer, Earl Cohen of Lady Gaga and Jessica Simpson fame. In 2018 they released their next EP, Awaken which spawned a bidding war with several European record labels vying to sign the band. They eventually signed with a Danish record label, Lions Pride Music as a partnership, and their album, Awaken Delux was released in 2019. During the pandemic, they couldn't play out like many bands and artists. It's a very frustrating time for so many artists and creative people. Every musician, singer, and band wants to play out to a live audience and many felt stifle. When New Jersey started opening up again the band got together to play after months of being inside. The single, Triggers was born and has garnered support on rock radio. In a recent interview drummer, Brian King was asked what does the future look like for Reality Suite? His reply was to record, play and make music that makes them happy and hopefully makes their fans happy. When the band resumes touring be sure to check out this kick-ass rock band live. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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