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Reagan Capaci

This Las Vegas-based singer-songwriter really wowed me with her songs and her singing. Meet Reagan Capaci who mixes pop, jazz, and R&B into a pot of some amazing music. She can convey feelings of loss, growing pains, and more and seem like your shoulder to cry on. Originally from Hot Spring, Arkansas, she says Vegas influenced her to be in music. She started out singing jazz and loved it but then let it go for a bit. Later she found she truly loves jazz and has incorporated that sound into her music and singing. Reagan Capaci is an extrovert and says she feeds off the energy of people and this is how she writes her songs. Her songs can be sad or upbeat that you want to get up and dance. She started teaching jazz to students and jazz is what she loves the most. She grew up listening to such jazz legends like the incomparable Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and loves R&B singers, H.E.R and Ari Lennox. She aspires to be able to record music in different genres but that everyone will know it's uniquely her voice that's recognized. She started doing covers of songs on TikTok which garnered her a huge following. I definitely expect this indie artist to be a superstar. Check out her song, Type I Like, that high-octave voice can win you over quickly. She has been releasing singles throughout the year and has several shows lined up. She just released her latest single, Thought and her voice is reminding me of both Billy Holiday and Erykah Badu. Check out this up-and-coming talented singer-songwriter, support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!





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