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Radiant Children

Radiant Children has only been releasing music for a year, but they are already getting notice. The trio that makes London its home is comprised of two Brits and one Amercan. Singer Fabienne Holloway, who hails from the West Midlands. She originally wanted to be a ballet dancer, but a teacher encouraged her to use the gift of her voice instead. She met instrumentalist Marco Bernardis when the two performed in a wedding band together. After each had gigs backing the likes of Iggy Azalea, Rosie Lowe, and Zedd. They got together with Tyler Acord from Washington state and formed Radiant Children.

Their first recording as a group was the EP Tryin’, from which they released two singles, “Poke Bowl” and “Life’s a Bitch.” The latter was featured in the HBO series “Insecure.” In its review of the EP, Clash Magazine raved, “ Not content with writing killer choruses, the London-based trio also incorporates stirring bridges, changes of direction and, in the case of ‘Go Left’, a symphonic string section to bring things to a close.



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