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People in the UK are all abuzz about Puppy. Some call the band alternative metal, but that doesn’t begin to describe the range of its sound. Sure they rock, but the trio also seamlessly integrate its melodic tendencies into its songs to create a sound which Clash calls “shiny yet heavy...that plants their flag at the crossroads of metal, rock and pop…”

School chums Jock Norton (vocals, guitar) and Billy Howard (drums) first played together in Polterghost. When that group disbanded, they formed Puppy with bassist Matthew Rickelton in 2014, releasing their debut single, “Forever" in early 2015 and followed up with "The Great Beyond" shortly after. The trio began to get positive attention from the press and a lot of action on streaming services. Later that year, they released an eponymous EP.

Will Michael eventually replaced Rickelton on bass, Puppy released another EP entitled Vol II and spent a good deal of time on the road. As they toured and began work on their debut album, the threesome decided to document their shows and recording process. Our featured video, showcasing the single “Black Hole” from the group’s 2019 debut, The Goat, is the result.

Black Hole



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