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Since I started working in the record and radio industry I was always a supporter of independent music and musicians. I'm always searching for new music and artists. Normally I don't like too many remakes but this Rock band really blew me away a year ago. They recorded a remake of Chris Cornell's song, Seasons with former Pearl Jam drummer, Dave Abbruzzese that was just truly amazing. The Rock band I'm talking about is Pseutopia, the band originates from Kochi, India a major port city on the south-western coast of India. They all met in high school and they say that they know each other for so long that they sense what each other is thinking. The band members all live far away from each other but get together on the internet to jam and record. Lead singer, Laji George lives in New Jersey, bass guitarist Shyam Narayan who lives in Bangalore, India, and guitarist, Mithun Raju who stayed back home in Kochi. The band has been making music since the early '90s but it was that remake of Chris Cornell's song that put the band on the map. All three members of the band write the songs and guitarist Mithun Raju who also produces their music,

creates magic in the studio.

So how did they get former Pearl Jam drummer, Dave Abbruzzese to play on their tribute to Chris Cornell? Pseutopia recorded a demo of the song and through a contact were able to get Dave's interest and he wanted to play on the song. The band members all say their musical influences range from Led Zepplin, The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Radiohead. The band just released their new single, Free Lunch which shows images of what is going on in the world today. This song really rocks and again Dave Abbruzzese plays drums on the song. Pseutopia is working on its debut album and hopes to tour next year. Check out this talented band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


Free Lunch Ft. Dave Abbruzzese



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