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Porridge Radio

Lead singer-songwriter and lead guitarist, Dana Margolin started playing around the clubs in her hometown of Brighton, England. Performing at many of the open mics and just sat in her bedroom writing songs. She started her band Porridge Radio in 2015 as a way to express her music and her inspiration from the sea and seaside home. Since then the band has been playing out and was voted by The Guardian as one of their top 40 new artists in 2018. Dana says when she was young she wanted to be a poet and has books of the poems she wrote as a child, writing is soothing to her. She started playing guitar at age 18 but says she didn't want to expose her personal business that was written in her songs. She felt it was terrifying to expose yourself that way. The band's music talks about angst and anti-social behavior but the band's sound has been changing. Porridge Radio considers themselves post-punk garage band while others have written about them as a "slacker" indie band. They made their EP debut in 2016 with Rice, Pasta, and Other Fillers and recently were signed to an independent Canadian record label, Secretly Canadian. They released their debut album for that label last March, Every Bad. Check out this exciting post-punk rock band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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