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Pom Pom Squad

Here's a band that both writes great songs and has great live shows. Pom Pom Squad based in my hometown of Brooklyn, New York has been going through some growing pains and has come out the other side. The band consists of singer-songwriter, Mia Berrin, Shelby Keller (drums), Mari Alé Figeman (bass guitar), and Alex Mercuri (guitar). Mia Berrin moved to NYC to pursue acting and was studying at NYU when she met her band members.

She ended up switching to the Clive Davis Institute for music and the band started gigging in people's apartments. Growing up Mia Berrin was constantly moving and her experiences of the culture of each high school she attended made her understand that you may not be accepted. These experiences are what drives her and what made her name her project Pom Pom Squad.

Their music is grunge rock with a pop-punk edge and boy does it rock. There are also ballads such as the single, Crying with its beautiful black and white visuals and angst-sounding vocals. They made their debut in 2017 with the EP, Hate It Here and have released several singles. Their fan base has grown to packed shows that sell out. The band was recently signed to an indie label, City Slang Records, and just released their debut album, Death of a Cheerleader this past June. Check out this Indie rock grunge band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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