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Orla Gartland

Here is a singer-songwriter you will definitely be hearing a lot more from. Orla Gartland from Dublin, Ireland is an indie folk/pop singer-songwriter with a quirky style that is so much fun. She even describes herself as, "A music-making ginger nutcase." Love when artists can poke fun at themselves.

Since the age of 5, she has been playing instruments like the violin, fiddle. Her parents had her take music lessons and at age 12 bought her a guitar. Things have gone steady since then and at 13 posted her first video. She admits she is not vocally trained and has no real technique but if you listen to her you hear some remnants of Joni Mitchell. In 2009 she launched her music channel on YouTube and started off doing covers. In 2011 a film company used one of her original songs, All the Little Details and she released her debut EP, Laughing At My Own Jokes. She has released 4 albums and is set to release her latest album, Woman on the Internet on August 20th. Check out this amazing Indie folk/pop singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

You're Not Special, Babe



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