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Orion Sun

Philadephia has always been synonymous with soul music and this young singer raised in New Jersey but Philly based grew up listening to soul and rhythm and blues. Her name is Tiffany Majette better known by her stage name of Orion Sun. She is not only a singer-songwriter but also a multi-instrumentalist and producer. She says her road to music didn't start off like most musicians or singers, she actually wanted to be an astronaut. It's because of her fascination with the stars and space that she chose her stage name Orion Sun. So what prompted her to make music? Well, she happen to see singer Brian McKnight holding a guitar on the Back At One album and said to herself, "Black people play guitar? Her mother also introduced her to the music of singer-songwriter, Lauryn Hill and she was hooked. It was while she was in high school that she decided to audition for the choir but she was too nervous and scared and hid in the bathroom. Her teacher, Mr. Traub kept her in class and she sang for him, he told her she had a good voice and Orion Sun began writing songs and showing them to him. She credits her teacher for believing in her and helping her find her way musically.

Orion Sun released her debut album this past March titled, Hold Space for Me. Unfortunately due to the pandemic, all promotion for the album has been put on hold but in the meantime, the press and media have been letting the world know about this super-talented singer-songwriter, producer. Orion Sun is not only our 2ferTuesday spotlight but also our featured artist for December. Check out this amazingly talented artist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!





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