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Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo has a laid back sound that makes you feel relaxed and in the groove. He was born Omar Velasco in Hobart, Indiana. He got his first guitar at age twelve from his parents and grew up listening to such diverse artists as Pedro Infante, Los Pachos, The Beatles, Neil Young and more. Omar Apollo sings in both English and Spanish and has been winning audiences ever since. He grew up singing in the church choir and learned how to play guitar by watching YouTube videos. He started his career by uploading his music on Soundcloud. He later uploaded a song called, "Ugotme" on Spotify and before he knew it he had over 20,000 streams in one day. He released his 1st EP in 2018 and last year released his second EP titled, "Friends." Omar Apollo has played SXSW. He has since released 2 singles, "Frio" and "Hit Me Up". Check out this very talented R&B singer and support independent music. Happy listening!

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