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Noa Drezner

A rarity int he music world, Israel’s Noa Dresner is one of the most prominent women to be known for playing Flamenco and Spanish guitar. Well-traveled, she spent discovered Flamenco along the way, a style unfamiliar to her. She eventually spent a decade living in southern Spain. Absorbing local musical influences, she studied Flamenco guitar techniques with leading artists from the country, performing in festivals throughout Spain, Israel and elsewhere.

Drezner’s debut album, The Red String, was released in 2019 and was recorded in both Spain and Israel. A special album launch performance is scheduled for October 20 in Tel Aviv. Joining her will be Yehuda "Shuki" Shveiki and Tula Ben Ari on vocals, violinist Johanna Ritmuller, Alon Carmeli on bass, and percussionist Hagai Leshem.

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