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Nicola Cruz

Nicola Cruz
Nicola Cruz

Born in France, Nicola Cruz moved to Ecuador to explore his roots. A producer, musician, and DJ, Cruz specializes in electronica. The influences of his ancestral homeland (his parents are from South America) fuel his music as does his passion for Andean traditions, both cultural and natural. Initially a percussionist, he has evolved into a musician with layered connections to rhythm and melody.

His debut LP, Prender El Alma, premiered in 2015. Ransom Note hailed the album as another fine example of “This latest batch of sounds sees the digital revolution continue to flow through Latin America as brand new technology meets with all sorts of more traditional aural offerings.” He followed up with singles and multi-track EPs like Invocacion (2015), Cantos De Visión and Visiones (the latter two in 2017) and also worked with artists like Matanza’s Rodrigo Gallardo.

His latest is Inversions (2018), on which he collaborated with Argentian producer Uji along with remixers like Matanza and Cain.




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