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Nathy Peluso

Buenos Aires native Nathy Peluso is already a musical alchemist at the tender age of 22. Blending jazz, swing, soul, blues, and hip-hop set to electronic beats, her sound still radiates a distinctly Latin sensibility.

Growing up, she loved the masters of jazz and swing: Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, and Sinatra, but also kept her Latin roots close with Gloria Estefan and Thalia.

She followed her heart to Madrid and absorbed the old world sounds that she was to incorporate into her first EP, the Sandunguera. The title track begins with a flourish of Spanish guitar, and even the backing vocals take on local flavor. Other tracks, "Corashe," "Hot Butter," "Alabame," and "Esmeralda" channel classic soul, and moody electronica. Our featured video, "Dafne" from 2017, is no exception.




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