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Nathan Ball

Nathan Ball
Nathan Ball

If you’ve roamed the UK music festivals in the summer, you’ve probably encountered a singer whose songs stay in your head for days. That singer was probably Nathan Ball. Hailing from Buckinghamshire and now based in London, Ball is a common sight on the festival circuit, which has earned him a growing following.

Ball released his first EP, Echo, in 2014. The Line of Best Fit described it as “Opening with hushed piano chords before gradually swelling into a band arrangement, ‘Echo’ feels like a late summer rainstorm bursting into full-blown thunder.” Another EP, Howling, followed, with Clash Music noting, “‘Howling' opens with a graceful, circular guitar motif before the singer's husky voice intones those poetic lyrics.”

Recent singles offer more of the same: evocative vocals, lyrics and guitar work. Imminently tuneful and catchy but with a great deal more substance than many contemporary artists. Songs like “Cold Hands” and “Waste of Time” stay with you well after the last note fades. If there is any justice in this world, this talented singer/songwriter will earn scores of new accolades and fans.

Waste of Time



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