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Modern Mimes

Natives of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, vocalist/guitarist Adi Elcida Hernandez and bassist Ernesto Paez formed Modern Mimes around 2014. The “future goth” duo released its debut album, Wake Up, in 2017 and has been gaining fans ever since through additional recordings, performances, and videos.

The video for “Love Hate” was directed by Carla Forte and first seen on Blank TV and several film festivals. The pair also received a great deal of attention for its cover of "I Don’t Wanna Be Me" by Type O Negative. The latter was so impressed with the track, they helped promote the song and video, which eventually garnered over 30,000 views on YouTube. The group’s follow-up album, The Gray, was released in 2018.

The duo has been performing at festivals around the States, including stints at SXSW and two appearances at the Riptide Music Festival in FL. The pair’s latest single is “Stare,” released last month.

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