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Modern Hinterland

What a great name for a band. I stumbled upon this band's music and I just can't stop listening. The indie-folk/Americana band which is London-based has been making music since 2015. The band consisting of lead singer Chris Hornsby (vocals, guitar) Simon Shippey(guitar, vocals, Tim Thackray (bass, vocals), and Colin Marshall( drums). keys).

I found it interesting that a band from England loves making and writing Americana music. Americana which is a mix of rock, blues, country, and some bluegrass has a wide enough spectrum that can include other genres as well. The band is based around lead singer, Chris Hornsby, and his great storytelling and what an amazing lyricist. He had recorded several solo projects but got a group of musicians together to interpret his songs which are now Modern Hinterland. Growing up in Northumberland and then moving to London, Chris Hornsby is one of the great troubadours out there. His voice reminds me of the Counting Crows lead singer, Adam Duritz even the sound is comparable to that band on certain songs. When listening to their songs you get lost in the story and you almost can picture it in your mind. Songs like I'm Not One of The Free from their album The Longest Part of the Night is one song that comes to mind and the single, California (August 16th, 1998) with its pop feel has great storylines. During the pandemic the band decided to record acoustic versions of their songs off their new album, Diving Bell just to ward off boredom. Their new album was released this past January. Check out this talented Indie folk/Americana band and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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