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Singer-songwriter, Mariah Wheeler who is professionally known as Mighloe has been causing quite a stir with Neo-Soul music lovers. The Toronto-based R&B singer has a timeless voice that has everyone falling in love with her. When she was younger she didn't realize that singing could turn into a career.

Everything changed for her when she went into a recording studio and completed a song. It was a light-bulb moment and therefore decided to seek out programs that could help her achieve her goal. Lucky for her there was such a program called, The Remix Project which helps young people from marginalized communities enter creative industries. She had also joined the SOCAN Incubator program which provided more mentorship and opportunities to grow as an artist. Mighloe says she grew up listening to different types of music from soul, reggae, country, and rock but decided that R&B was the genre she wanted to express herself in. She made her debut with the EP, All About You in 2018, check out the single Darkness with her honest emotional lyrics and a voice that reminds you at times of Erykah Badu or even Andra Day. Last year she released her latest EP, Desperate Times and I have to say the song, Don't Call Me instantly grabbed me, and it's on constant play on my playlist. That song is a must listen with the lyrics coming from deep within and her polite way of saying fuck off to those that are life vampires or hangers-on. Earlier today she released her new single, Little Lies on Colors Studios YouTube channel. There is more to this artist than meets the eye so keep your ears out for more. Check out this silky-voiced singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Little Lies



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