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Canadian Indie rock/new wave band, Metric had me go back in time with their music. It's refreshing and done in a new way. The consists of lead singer-songwriter/guitarist, Emily Haines, guitarist/synthesizer, James Shaw, Joshua Winstead on bass and backing vocals, and drummer Joules Scott-Key. The band originally was a duo but expanded to its present lineup.

The band members each have distinct stories of how they got into music. Lead singer, Emily Haines says her dad would record cassettes of eclectic music for her to listen to. Guitarist, James Shaw was convinced by a friend to apply to Julliard Music school but after taking classical

education for three years decided that was not the way to go. The band struggled for several years but finally, a break in 2001 had them release their debut, Grow Up and Blow Away. Since then the band has released several albums and EPs and has won Juno Awards for Alternative Album of the Year, Producer of the Year, and Recording Package of the Year. Last year they released their Greatest Hits album and will be on tour this summer. Their new album, Formentera will be released on July 8th and they have released two singles off the album. When they come to your city or town be sure to check them out. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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