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MC Tha

Sao Paulo native Thais Dayane da Silva is known as MC Tha, a singer and composer who melds funk and pop in a distinctly Brazilian fashion. Something of an anomaly in her local music scene, she’s undaunted by the male-dominated genre she’s chosen to express herself.

Releasing her first single, “Olha Quem Chegou” in 2014, she continues to mine rich Brazilian musical traditions like the danceable forró and carioca funk as well as hip-hop in her art. Her spirituality also finds a home in her music. Deeply affected by the death of her brother Bruno, she found solace with Umbanda, an Afro-Brazilian folk religion that incorporates a Brazilian folk religion combining aspects of macumba, Catholicism, and other indigenous traditions.

She released a few more singles after her debut, and this year she unveiled her first album, Rito de Passá.

Rito De Passa



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