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Marisa Frantz

Have you ever heard a song and needed to know who the singer was? Well this singer-songwriter from Eugene, Oregon captured my attention with her song, Have You Thought About Dying Today. Her voice reminds me at times of Kate Bush especially on the chorus of the song. Since she was a young girl she has been part of musical groups, you could say music is in her blood.

She moved from Oregon to Nashville to attend Middle Tennessee State University and graduated with a degree in education. Since then she has been a session singer on many recorded albums and she was part of a folk-rock band for a while. She not only sings but also plays the violin and guitar. She is a frequent guest for the Emerald City Jazz Kings orchestra and I'm sure there are plenty of songs you've heard by other artists and didn't know she was the singer. Songs by lyricist/songwriter, Michael Peloso with Marisa Frantz as featured singer, listen to the song, Maybe Someday. She has also recorded a classical album titled, Marisa's Symphony with beautifully arranged compositions featuring her playing the violin. She can run the gamut from classical, folk-rock, jazz, and more. There are several singles to check out and she just released her latest, Let Go. Check out this angelic voiced singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Let Go



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