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Lingua Ignota

When I was at my college radio station I came across some interesting music and singers. I love both Kate Bush and stuff by Nina Hagen so when I heard this artist it brought me back to those vocalists. Kristin Hayter, professionally known as Lingua Ignota makes the kind of music that is both classical in nature but also industrial and at times chaotic. Born in Del Mar, California, and now based in Pennsylvania, this talented multi-instrumentalist draws on her experiences.

She is a survivor of domestic violence and she draws on this experience in her lyrics and music. She was raised Catholic and she incorporates those images in her visuals. When she was in public school a teacher there noticed her voice when she was 8 years old. She started singing in school and started taking classical voice lessons. While in high school she played in several metal bands and has gone through quite a musical transformation. She started releasing music in 2017 and changed her name to Lingua Ignota which in Latin means unknown language. Her music has been spreading through word of mouth and her following is growing. Her musical tastes run the gamut from baroque, noise metal, electronica, opera, doom metal, and classical. Mix all those genres together and you get some interesting musical compositions and her lyrics are powerful. Just listen to her song, Faithful Servant Friend of Christ with its church-sounding music and haunting vocals. She just released her new album, Sinner Get Ready this past August and I love several of the tracks and her eclectic arrangements. Check out this talented multi-instrumentalist/singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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