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Lacey Sturm

Singer-songwriter, Lacey Sturm from Homestead, Florida has an interesting story. She had been the lead singer of the rock band, Flyleaf and in 2016 became the first solo female artist to top the Billboard Hard Rock Album chart. Things are not always what they seem. She was an Atheist but then things took a dark turn and she found herself in church and says a man spoke to her and she saw things through a different set of eyes.

Since then her career has been on the upswing. She had joined the band, Flyleaf in 2000 but decided to go out on her own. She has been a guest vocalist with the Christian rock band, Third Day and even wrote a song for the movie, Underworld: Awakening and is also a model for the clothing company, Hot Topic. This singer-songwriter completely changed her life and has even written a book titled, The Reason: How I Discovered A Life Worth Living. She has come a long way from her first album, Life Screams, and released her second album, Reflect Love Back in 2019. Her music is a mix of alternative metal with post-grunge and Christian rock. Check out her song, The Soldier and she has just released 2 new singles, State of Me and Awaken Love. There is no announcement about a new album yet but I'm sure we will hear some news soon. This is not your average Christian rock or metal music. Check out this talented badass singer-songwriter and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Awaken Love



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