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Justin Fancy

This country music singer-songwriter from New Foundland, Canada is thankful that St. John's, the city he lives in was one of the few places that musicians and artists could perform at bars and venues. Justin Fancy literally started his career as the Top 200 Canadian Idol contestant in 2008 and has been going strong ever since. It's been a long time going from garden sheds and bar gigs to finally getting some recognition.

He grew up listening to country and western music around his family's home and started playing guitar by age 13. He learned to play the instrument by ear and with this natural ability set off on his road in the industry. He says his musical influences are Alan Jackson, country legends, Merle Haggard, and George Jones. After years of gigging and not finding the right sound a good friend of his introduced him to Clint Curtis from Sevenview Studios and this intro turned things around. They have been co-collaborators and last year Justin Fancy released his debut album, Sure Beats A Good Time, and a single of the same name. Although the pandemic made things very difficult for artists and bands it has changed the dynamic for those in the music industry. It definitely changed the way Justin Fancy thinks about entertaining his fans with the new technology. He just released a new single, Makes Me Wanna this past April. Check out this up-and-coming talented singer-songwriter and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening.

Makes Me Wanna



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