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Julien Baker

There is nothing more satisfactory than hearing a really good song. I came across this singer-songwriter and was blown away by the lyrics of her new single, Hardline. The guitar riffs reminded me to an extent of the band, Type O Negative's hit song, Love You To Death. Julien Baker has been making music for some time now and she has the

industry buzzing.

This Memphis, Tennessee native grew up on VH1 and didn't get into southern music till later. She loves Hank Williams and has grown to appreciate Memphis music history. Julien Baker has

had her ups and downs, she is gay and a Christian. Navigating the moral temperature of the south she had some issues with addiction before she hit her 20's. She has since recovered and although many of her friends moved out of the south, she decided to stay. When she was in high school

she and her band played at D.I.Y. shows and while in college recorded her debut album, Sprained Ankle which was released in 2014. Her songs are of both angst and possibility and always questioning the state of the world and of relationships. Her voice is both comfortable, smooth, and can go from above a whisper to a loud scream. Listen to her song Blacktop, an acoustic song about her struggle with addiction, the line "in my saline communion that I held"really struck me and I could see in my mind's eye what was happening to her. She just released her new album, Little Oblivions, and I have to say after listening to the whole album I already have my favorites. Her song Faith Healer with its religious images and full rich sound is one of my favorites. Julien Baker will be going on tour and is set to make a stop here in NYC at the Beacon Theater on September 14. Check out this talented singer-songwriter/guitarist and support independent music and musicians locally, nationally and worldwide. Happy listening!




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