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Jon Gomm

I first discovered this talented singer-songwriter/guitarist several years ago. Back then he had a beautiful song called, Passionflower. What fascinated me about him was how he uses his guitar as his bass, drums, and percussion all at once. You can say he is a one-man-band, literally. Jon Gomm is from Blackpool, U.K., and started playing the ukelele when he was 2 years old. He began taking classical guitar lessons at age 4 and later when he was a teenager joined his father who was a music critic to Blues shows. He started playing electric guitar and emulating rock legends and their music. He attended the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London. To pay for his college classes he played Jazz in bars and as a session musician.

Jon Gomm is not your typical musician, he is completely independent because he does not want to be part of the mainstream music industry and plays gigs at venues by independent music promoters. He studied jazz and he has extended the acoustic sounds that his guitar can make which include hitting the surface of the guitar to create snare drum, bass drum, and bongo sounds. He's even tuned his guitar strings to get bass sounds. His music is a mix of rock, blues, and soul. He has toured the world and has released several albums on his own record label. He just released his latest album, The Faintest Idea. Check out this multi-talented guitarist, singer-songwriter, and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

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