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Jerome Thomas

I stumbled upon this sexy singer-songwriter and when I heard his latest song, Secret I had to stop the presses! It is sexy and oh so smooth. Reminds me of Marvin Gaye's song, I Want You, or even D'Angelo's song, How Does It Feel. Sexy songs like that you don't ever forget. Jerome Thomas from London, U.K. is one to watch.

These days many artists do not want to be put into any one category of music. They prefer to be genre-bending and mix different sounds to create their own space and sound. Several years ago this was not possible since record labels and radio like putting artists into certain music categories. Jerome Thomas who was bred in East London is such an artist who prefers to have, "Fusion Of Everything, Freedom Of Expression." He blurs the lines between Soul, R&B, jazz, and funk to create a finely tuned sound that you can't stop listening to. Oddly enough he says he first heard D'Angelo's song, Brown Sugar at home because his mom was always playing R&B and soul music around the house.

At age 13 he decided singing is what he wanted to do and has not stopped since. He admits he is not musically trained and everything is done by ear. This artist has natural talent and those harmonies are something else. He released his own EP in 2019 titled, Mood Swings. This past May he released his new EP, The Secret Sauce full of funk, soul, and some sexy love songs. This artist sells out where ever he plays so if he comes to your city be sure to check him out. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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