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Soca music also referred to as Calypso music by its inventor, Lord Shorty, and is a mix of African and East Indian rhythms. Caribbean music which also includes reggae, dancehall, and its derivative reggaeton has become universal. Soca is a male-dominated genre and this Indie artist, Jadel is creating a buzz. Jadel, born Jardine Cherelle Legere in Trinidad started singing by age 9. She was singing at her school's choir and has an R&B background. She loved Soca music and decided to venture into those waters.

She started singing at weddings and casinos and took piano lessons. Her musical influence is Mariah Carey and started her singing career in R&B music. She sang in a couple of R&B bands like Surface and Traffik but decided to transition to Soca music. The transition was not an easy one and was told to leave R&B out of her singing if she was to pursue Soca music. Through trial and error, she learned and now she is beginning to see the fruits of her labor. In 2016 she won the International Soca Monarch (ISM) breakout artist award. In 2017 she had a hit with the song, Take Control and a year later released, Round and Round. She has been able to work with the right producers who no longer see her as just an R&B singer. She can sing in smooth tones or she can get aggressive. Last year she released her debut album, Call Me Jadel, and this past January her latest single, Deserve It All. She is also pursuing a law degree and studied audio engineering to record, produce and master her own music. Her advice to those pursuing their music career, don't give up and make sure you have representation. Great advice and I concur. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

Deserve It All



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